BOF Fulfillment Policy

Effective as of March 2024

At Bannister Oak Farms (BOF), we are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our members and customers through transparent and effective fulfillment policies. Below are the key aspects of our fulfillment policies:

1. Contract Policies: A new contract must be signed when increasing or decreasing herd shares to accurately reflect your current subscription status and ensure proper delivery of products.

2. Refund Policy: Members/customers are eligible for a refund or a credit to their account equivalent to the amount of the defective product if the product is not delivered or if the product is found to be defective.

3. Cancellation Policy: Orders can be cancelled provided they have not already been shipped. Subscription services require a 30-day notice for cancellation, along with a signed release of interest document. Bulk beef orders (Whole, Half, Quarters) can be cancelled as long as the animal has not yet been slaughtered.

Note: If a member's subscription remains unpaid for more than 14 days, the subscription will automatically be cancelled, the order will not be fulfilled/delivered, and any pending payments and jars will be due immediately.

4. Return Policy: Items can be returned at the drop location from which they were picked up on the next scheduled delivery date.

5. Delivery Policy: Deliveries are made once a week to the nearest predetermined pickup location. Orders should be placed at least 4 days in advance of the pickup date. Orders not placed within this timeframe will be delivered on the next scheduled pickup day. All orders are subject to product availability.

Specific Drop Days:

  • Tuesday Drops - Orders must be placed by the preceding Friday.
  • Friday Drops - Orders must be placed by Monday of the same week.

Replacement for defective items will be delivered on the subsequent delivery date.

For any inquiries or further clarification on our fulfillment policies, please contact us at

- Bannister Oak Farms Management

March 2024